HAIX® is looking for SWAT Team wear testers!


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HAIX® will be choosing SWAT Teams, with an overall police department size of 100 or more, to wear test your choice of one of three models of HAIX® tactical boots. Each department will provide 5-10 wear testers to put our shoes through their paces. And then give us your feedback.

Each of the wear testers must be active SWAT Team officers who are able to provide a wide array of testing scenarios in real life situations.

Wear testers can choose either the HAIX® GSG9S, Black Eagle® Tactical 2.0 GTX High, or Black Eagle® Athletic 2.0 T High Side Zip. Boot choices can be by personal preference or departmental requirement.

Wear testers must be able to fit the HAIX® size range of 4 – 13 in whole and half sizes and 14, 15, 16 for men. (HAIX® Tactical boots are a unisex line, so women would order one size smaller). HAIX® will provide a representative to come to the chosen department to personally fit each wear tester, if needed.

HAIX® will provide all shoes free of charge. Officers are to wear the HAIX® boots for 1-2 months, putting them through their paces. In return, all participants must tell us how well their shoe performed by the deadline of November 10th. Wear test feedback forms will be provided by HAIX® to make this task easier. In the end, all wear testers will get to keep their shoes!

All feedback received from wear testers will be provided to Police magazine in mid-November for publication in the January 2017 Shot Show issue of Police Magazine.

SWAT Teams chosen to participate in the wear test should be able to provide departmental approval to use the SWAT Team/Department name (not necessarily individual officer names) on policemag.com and in Police magazine. Preapproval by department will not be a requirement for participation.

To apply as a HAIX® wear test SWAT Team fill out this form.

Wear test SWAT Teams will be selected from all entries after close of contest application period on September 1 and will be notified via email.